Apart from wedding and portrait photography, travel and street photography is also something which is close to my heart. I always believe that photography should have no boundaries or limitation to a certain genre only as the fundamentals should stay the same. I love to explore the world with my lens and now we are inviting you to be part of it too ! 



We are now providing travel and street photography workshop to all photography enthusiast out there. We specialize in both film and digital LEICA M rangefinders as well as all other SLR cameras, we aim to share our experiences as well as the joy of shooting with everyone. All of our photography programs are designed for amateur photographers of all levels interested in improving their skills.

All the workshops will be conducted in exotic locations such as Nepal, Vietnam and Tibet. During the workshop, you will be given on field assignments, technique sharing, photography guidelines, travel tips, communication skills and all the necessary tips to shoot in almost all different / difficult situation. Also on our expeditions and active photography adventures, you'll learn tips and techniques while exploring picturesque places with all other participants.



This workshop is dedicated to helping new film shooters understand the fundamentals of film photography. Learn from MunKeat, one of the leading film photographers in Malaysia, and find out why you should start exploring film photography for yourself. This workshop covers all the basics and fundamentals you need to know, from loading the first roll of film into the camera  all the way all the way to the dark room developing.

For more information about the 2015 workshop schedule kindly contact us HERE